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Research Committee

Ambah P.G. Autonomous College, Ambah has constituted Research Committee to monitor and handle issues related to research work. The Research Committee is responsible for providing vision and leadership in relation to research and research training. The functions of the Research Committee are-
  • • To encourage, facilitate and guide the teaching staff and apply for research projects.
  • • To develop research and scientific temper among students and staff
  • • To conduct research methodology/ project writing workshops and activities
  • • To motivate faculty to take up minor research projects
  • • To update the staff members about seminar/webinars, workshops etc.
  • • To motivate students to take up Research based projects
  • • To organize Annual Research Project Presentation Programme for students from all stream
  • • To Encourage faculty to pursue PhD programme.

Research Committee of the College-

Chairman - Dr. Raj Kumar Singh Tomar (Asst. Prof. Department of Geography)

Members - All PG Heads